Opportunities with FBS

Low stock and no inactivity fee

FBS broker has low stock and stock index CFD fees and charges no withdrawal and inactivity fees. On the other hand, its forex CFD fees are average.

Easy and fast account opening

The account opening process at FBS is user-friendly and fully digital. The process is very fast, our account is approved within a day.

Excellent customer support & education

Broker FBS ' customer service is exceptionally good across multiple channels, so you'll be in good hands when it comes to your broker and trading related questions.

Start trading with FBS

To start FBS trading choose a software to trade in: MetaTrader 4 or 5 for your laptop or MetaTrader for mobile devices or FBS Trader for your mobile phone.

Then register on the FBS.com, enter your e-mail and your full name.
Verify your identity.
Choose an appropriate method for your deposit.
Try a Demo account to check your strategies.
After you complete the steps above, you are ready to start trading!  

Start trading with FBS

up to 1:3000

Extremely high leverage is an advantage of FBS.

minimum deposit

Start trading for real money depositing just 1 USD.


FBS is a popular broker across the world.

What is FBS?

South Africa FBS is an international brokerage house providing top quality financial and investmenat services all over the world. FBS specializes in online forex trading offering completely new approach to trading accounts variety and services pattern. 

Is FBS available in South Africa?

FBS South Africa is available in 150 countries including South Africa and allows deposits and withdrawals from and to banks across the country.

How to use FBS?

Register at fbs.com  Download trading software  Discover the basics of Forex Open your first trade Find out more about MetatraderLearn how to analyze the market Start controlling your risks 

Does FBS have commissions and fees?

Trading FBS involves fees from $6 USD, spreads from 0.05 pips to 3 pips, and commission-free trading depending on the account traders select. 

Where is FBS headquarters located?

FBS is an international online Forex broker platform founded in 2009 with headquarters located at 2118 Guava St, Belize City.