The Role of Documentation in FBS Account Registration

FBS is a popular online forex broker that facilitates trading in various financial instruments, including forex, metals, and shares. To open an FBS account, a prospective trader is required to provide certain documentation, which verifies their identity and location.

In this article, we explore the role of documentation in FBS account registration, including its importance, requirements, submission process, and key considerations. We also discuss the potential consequences of submitting incomplete or fraudulent documentation and outline the best practices for approaching the documentation aspect of FBS account registration.

Importance of Documentation

Documentation is an integral part of the FBS account registration process as it verifies a trader's identity and location. By submitting accurate and relevant documentation, traders can avoid delays in the account verification and approval process, and enjoy a seamless trading experience.

One of the significant benefits of submitting documentation is that it prevents fraudulent accounts and ensures that the broker adheres to know your customer (KYC) regulations. As a result, FBS can protect its clients from illegal activities, such as money laundering and terrorism financing, by identifying and verifying the source of funds.

Documentation is also essential for tax and compliance purposes, as traders can access their account records, prepare for tax returns, and comply with any local regulations or requirements.

Documentation Requirements

To open an FBS account, traders are required to submit certain documentation that verifies their identity and location. The documentation requirements may vary depending on the account type, country of origin, and regulatory requirements.

Here are the common documents required for FBS account registration:

  1. Proof of identity - This includes a valid government-issued identity card, passport, or driver's license that bears a clear photograph, name, and date of birth.
  2. Proof of address - This includes a recent utility bill, bank statement or any official document that bears the trader's name and residential address.
  3. Proof of payment - This is required when funding the account via debit/credit cards, bank transfers or electronic wallets.

These documents must be clear, colored copies or scanned versions, certified by a notary public, or an authorized representative of the issuing agency.

FBS may request additional documentation if they require further identification or clarification of existing documents. In such cases, traders must submit new documents promptly to avoid delays in account verification.

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Submission Process

To submit the required documentation, traders must log into their FBS account and navigate to the account verification section. Here, they will be prompted to upload the necessary documents using a secure encrypted platform.

The uploaded documents are reviewed by the FBS support team, and any discrepancies or inconsistencies may require further clarification or additional documentation. Once the documents are verified, the account will be approved, and traders can start trading.

It's crucial to follow the submission guidelines and provide clear, accurate, and complete documentation. Failure to do so could result in account suspension or rejection.

Best Practices for Submitting Documentation

To ensure a smooth account verification process, traders must adhere to the following best practices when submitting documentation:

  1. Read and understand the documentation requirements: Understanding the documentation requirements and submission guidelines can save traders time and effort, reduce errors and avoidable rejections.
  2. Submit clear, colored copies or scanned versions: The documents submitted should be clear, legible copies that are easy to read and verify. Avoid submitting blurry or unclear photos of documents, as they may not meet the verification requirements.
  3. Submit relevant documentation: Ensure that the documents submitted are relevant and pertain to the requested category. For example, a utility bill may not be sufficient proof of address if it does not indicate the address clearly.
  4. Keep an eye on document expiry dates: Some documents, such as identity documents, may expire after a certain period. It's essential to keep an eye on the expiry date and provide renewed documentation when necessary.
  5. Follow up regularly: After submitting the required documents, traders can follow up with the FBS support team to ensure that the documents are reviewed promptly and any discrepancies addressed promptly.
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Consequences of Incomplete or Fraudulent Documentation

Submitting incomplete or fraudulent documentation can lead to severe repercussions, including account suspension or termination, legal action, or reputational damage.

In the case of account suspension or termination, traders may lose access to their funds or face delays in account reactivation. Legal action may also be taken against traders who provide fraudulent documentation, as it violates KYC regulations and can facilitate illegal activities.

Reputational damage is another consequence of submitting incomplete or fraudulent documentation. As a result, traders may find it difficult to open accounts with other financial institutions or brokers in the future.


Documentation is an essential aspect of FBS account registration, and traders must comply with the documentation requirements to avoid delays, account suspension or closure, and legal or reputational damage.

By submitting clear, accurate, and relevant documentation, traders can enjoy a seamless account verification and approval process, and access their trading accounts quickly and easily. Adhering to the best practices for submitting documentation can also make the process more efficient, reduce errors, and prevent avoidable rejections.

In summary, documentation plays a critical role in FBS account registration, and traders must pay attention to this aspect to access their accounts and trade successfully.